Boycott Tesco Stores - Save Brickhill Shops
_Comments below are from Cllr Roydens speech on 3 counties radio regarding Coventa (listen here) Cllr Royden and the council are giving 100K for 2 petitions to parliment to Mid Beds Council for help in stopping the incinerator being built in Stewartby, which is NOT part of Bedford Borough Council.  Your taxes are being used for someone elses campaign.  The statements below should have been applied to saving our local shops in Bedford, the council implimented their double standards and does not apply to their own.

‘It should have been a decision which was taken by local people and which affect their community…
Local people i.e. Stewartby not Bedford
‘We cannot allow this we have to do this for the people of Bedford..
Why are you doing it for Stewartby? Who does it affect Bedford?
‘Borough council want to put the views of local people to the test…
That would truly be a first.
‘We really can’t afford to do this however…
Because it looks REALLY good in the news we will do this.
‘Adversarial enquiry under oath, one which the people of Bedford deserve…
Again, the council need to sort out Bedford and let Mid Beds sort out Stewartby

1/14/2012 06:39:47 pm

How very typical of the Beds Council. Does anyone know if the Beds Council even asked the taxpayers of Bedford if they WANTED to donate to the Mid Beds Council? I seem to have heard Mid Beds was using 125 K of their own taxpayers money! How much does it cost to present petitions to Parliment????

6/23/2012 02:11:44 am

Good reading


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